Trend alert : Polka Dot print in fashion

April 01, 2014

Горошек - вечная классика, никогда не надоедает, никогда не выходит из моды. Горошек черный, белый или цветной, на юбках или платьях, шифоновых блузочках и джинсовых брюках, да везде этот принт смотрится гармонично и так мило! Я подготовила огромную подборку стрит стайл луков для вдохновения, каждый найдет то что ему ближе, а также демократичные варианты где можно купить одежду с трендовым polka dot принтом :)

Polka dot - forever classic, never boring and never goes out of fashion. Black, white or colourful and bright polka dot - this print could be on dresses or skirts, chiffon blouses or denim jeans, just everywhere it looks so cute and beautiful! I prepared a huge post of street style looks for inspiration and where to buy it, I'm sure you'll choose something to you taste ;)


Persunmall wishlist collage : black&white polka dot shirts, skirt and dresses

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Fashion details : polka dot sheer dress with leather biker jacket
Street fashion : black and white polka dot maxi skirt and shirt
Fashion celebrities : Kate Middleton wears white dotted skirt by Topshop
Street fashion : Maria Kolosova wears black and white polka dot dress
Fashion : polka dot shirt dress by Oasap


Street style fashion : Poppy's wears blue polka dot crop pants during fashion show
Street style : palazzo navy blue pants ans sheer blue blouse both in polka dot print
Street style fashion blooger : wears adorable blue polka dot blazer, more photos here
Fashion celebrities : Kate Middleton wears baby blue mid length polka dot dress via here
Fashion details : blue polka dots blazer via here

Persunmall wishlist collage : blue polka dot dresses, playsuit, shirt and blazers.
Street style from LFW : vintage light blue polka dotted dress


Street style : red polka dot shirt with denim shorts
Fashion bogger wears green polka dot jumper and magenta skirt, more photos here
Fashion details : mustard polka dot scarfwith faux fur vest
Street fashion : baby blue polka dots long coat photo via Harper Bazaar
Colourful colour block collage: orange, pink, blue, yellow tops, blazer and shirts in polka dots

Fashion details : colour block polka dots
Fashion blogger wears Topshop yellow polka dot mini skirt, more pics here
Fashion look : blue and orange polka dot dress
Street style : light green olka dot summer dress 


Street style : polka dots denim jeans from isabel marant photos via here 
Fashion blogger : Darya Kamalova wears light denim polka dots jeans, more here
Fashion detail : Darya Kamalova wears light denim polka dots jeans and knotted denim shirt, more here

16. HERE    17. HERE    18. HERE    19. HERE

Street fashion : a model wears isabal marant dotted jeans during fashion week, photos from here 
Fashion blogger : Annabelle Fleur wears distressed jeans in white polka dots, more here
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17 коментарі

  1. Класс! Подборка супер!

  2. Amazing pics!! Amazing inspiration! O love polka dots!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!


  3. I am so into polka dots! I love this inspirational post!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin? I would love that :)

    xx Nicola

  4. Love polka dots, so many great styles to be done with it!

    Kirsten x

  5. you picked out some amazing & inspring photos:)
    i love polka dot blouses and jeans, like the one in the last picture. she looks so perfect <33

    lots of love xx

  6. Хорошая подборка, думается, вдохновили меня купить чего в горошек :)

    Буду рада видеть у себя в блоге!

  7. great post! i have black wide leg pants with white polka dots, but somehow i never wear them, just once or twice...maybe i'll give them another chance after seeing this gorgeous inspirational pictures!

    The Fashion Menue

  8. Обожаю горошек! Недавно добавила в коллекцию черную блузу с белым горошком))

  9. This trend is very beautiful :)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  10. I love that first dress with the belt - I would definitely wear that!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  11. what a cool post
    Twitter / tumblr/ instagram: @fashionrlounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  12. Горох носила только однажды - в школе) Но платье Колосовой одела бы не раздумывая - шикарное с этой красной подкладкой!

  13. I absolutely adore polka dots. I think I'd wear every single one of these pieces! <3

  14. Отличная подборка!)

    P.S.новый читатель

  15. Шикарная подборка!!! Как же я люблю горошек, он очень классно смотрится совершенно на всем!!!:)

  16. I’m absolutely in LOVE with Gisele’s campaign for this!


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