My new summer love - pleated and coral!

July 29, 2011
Yeasterday was a simple shopping day and I decided to wear my new coral pleated skirt (in original it was longer, but I cut it) and this beautiful snake print top (I adore it) with snake belt! What can I say, it's quite difficult doing shopping on a 13.5 sm high heels!Therefore when we were doing this photos I was "a little bit" tired )))

Do u like my new multicolor bag? I do!!!
Fantastic color!!! my new preference ;)
 Nelly killing Zhob T-stripe heels
 with my neon toenails ;))
Color bloking on me
I 'll be very appriciate if you say what do you think about my look!!


July 22, 2011
Hello dears! I've been away from the Internet for about 2 weeks because we were on holiday on a sea with my husband and Poof ;) That's was perfect days! a lot of sun and swiming! I am so happy about my vocation!

Let I show u my outfit I was wearing during the way from Kyiv )
Leather shorts - I love them! It's extremely short )))
And this dreamcatcher I've made the day before leaving home <3

We stoped on a route E95 to make this shots ;)

 Field of Ukrainian wheat..
 Leather shorts - DIY cutted pants
Dreamcatcher - DIY
Bracelet on a right hand - DIY
Bracelet on a left hand - Motor
Sandals - Znob from

Poof, welcome to our family !!!

July 07, 2011
OMG!! I wanna present you my son!!! He appeared in our lifes recently, this weekend ;)
But I love him so much as he was with us for all times!!!
We named him Poof (after fairy odd baby Poof from my favourite Nicelodeon cartoon "Fairy odd perents")
Poof is so solf, so goody-goody!!!
WELCOME to our family, Poof!!!


July 06, 2011
I forgot to show this outfit from April ;) It was very hot this day as for middle spring in ukraine, so I wear my new miss selfridge shorts and this lovely owl pendant ;)
I lllovveee filling myself free in such a shirt!!
 (ring - accesorize owl pendant watch - esprit)
cherry blossom near president residential..isn't it wonderful?
sunset in the firtrees

You know, we are not really love our rulling classes (I can say we hate it;) ) but we decided to make some photo near PR resident ;)
House with Chimera
Great architectural building! U must see it when being in Kyiv!!
(shorts - miss selfridge)

Hope you liked this look and journey nearby the center of Kyiv! Love you!!

It's raining but I don't care ;)

July 04, 2011
When we made this pthoto it was rainin' so much that I've became wet at all after 3 min ;)
But my husband's new Daisy glasses made my world look sunny and happy so i love it!

As u see I wear my new DIY sandals (see later post)


DIY leopard shoes (sandals)

July 01, 2011
Being at home all day today and having nothing to do I tried to restyled my old sandals.
A was inspired by this wonrerful Alexander Wang Isabeli Haircalf Pointed Mules in Leopard.
Off course, I didn't want to do the same, but something distantly similar ;)

Hope I will wear it soon ;)


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