DIY Leather studded gloves

March 07, 2012

Hello, guys!! I've been very busy this month so I could not find time to post, and I really very sad about it. It all about my work, its very interesting, but takes a lot of my time:( As you might know I have technichal education, I'm information networks master and now my goal is to became really good in this field doing my job well :)
But, fashion is always haunts me and my life and I get inspiration of it!!!
Speaking about inspiration since I first time saw this above Zara studded gloves I wanted to make the same. Not in case of price or something else but I really wanted to do the one by myself, not the copy, but special.
I've bought all  necessary things long ago but only now found time to make this DIY studded gloves.
So, the process (sorry about the quality, all pictures were taken by my iPhone)

1. You will need leather gloves, pack of 100 studs, pliers and a lot of time and desire :)

 2) Start piercing the gloves with your studds and clutching it using pliers. Be carefull!

 3) You should get this:

 4) All that you need next is to rivet your studs in the prefered order:

 5) I wanted it to be in disorder:

 6) Voila!!!
 Believe me, my gloves look even more cool then Zara! Its all about bad quality, but soon I'll load my outfit in it and you will how cool they look on me :)

Love, xoxo Iren

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8 коментарі

  1. Great DIY!! Loving those gloves!! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  2. One of the best DIY I ever saw :)

  3. love them, where did you buy the studs from??

  4. Love how they turned out :)

  5. You did a phenomenal job!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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