My new summer love - pleated and coral!

July 29, 2011

Yeasterday was a simple shopping day and I decided to wear my new coral pleated skirt (in original it was longer, but I cut it) and this beautiful snake print top (I adore it) with snake belt! What can I say, it's quite difficult doing shopping on a 13.5 sm high heels!Therefore when we were doing this photos I was "a little bit" tired )))

Do u like my new multicolor bag? I do!!!
Fantastic color!!! my new preference ;)
 Nelly killing Zhob T-stripe heels
 with my neon toenails ;))
Color bloking on me
I 'll be very appriciate if you say what do you think about my look!!

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6 коментарі

  1. Love the skirt. :)
    Nice color too, and nice bag. :)

  2. this is such a lovely skirt! and i like your bag to go with it. nice!

  3. Замечательный лук! Мне очень нравится! Юбочка с сумкой очень гармонируют


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